Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's been more than a decade since I was last plagued with stinkin' migraine headaches, but...yesterday I was struck with the third migraine I have had in two weeks. I've never had three in succession like this, and it is SO irritating to know you're about to be down for the count for several hours...This one was by far the worst of the three, and lasted the rest of the day until I went to bed and slept it off. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling "not quite right" after a restless night of very little sleep. Shortly after lunch, as I was putting the children down for naps, I started having the familiar visual disturbances that herald an oncoming headache. I called Steve (again), took some ibuprofen and crawled under a blanket. Pretty much stayed there until bedtime. I feel twenty times better this morning. My plan is to do a "coffee detox" and stay away from caffeine for a while, just in case that's triggering something. I don't drink but one to one and one-half cups a day, but it could be that I've got an extreme sensitivity to it. To be honest, I don't know what's causing the headaches. I've read studies that link just about everything possible to migraines, from changes in weather, sleep patterns, caffeine, milk, juice, meats, vegetables, processed foods, spicy foods, bright lights, stress, happiness (okay, maybe not that last one). Good golly, do they think water causes it? Bottom line is, nobody knows. I'm going to call my doctor for advice and hopefully an Imitrex prescription. In the meantime, if you could just pray that this problem goes away, I'd be super grateful. It pretty much grinds my day to a halt when I get a migraine, since I can't see to do anything.