Friday, March 26, 2010


After scoring a sweet little blue-and-white gingham dress on Ebay for Mia to wear Easter Sunday (already monogrammed with a capital "M!"), I set to work designing her a hairbow to match. I've been lusting after those gorgeous, fat, boutique-style bows lately (lots of loops and layers!), so I popped onto YouTube and gave myself a tutorial. How did we get along before the internet?

Here's my first attempt at a "boutique bow." After attaching the clippy, I thought it needed a little something to tie the whole thing together, so I rummaged in my jewelry box and found just the thing--my sapphire cross! It's secured with needle/thread as well as a dollop of hot glue, so I feel fairly confident the thing's not gonna fall off. I can always detach it if I want to wear the cross again...but I think it will look better in my little girl's hair!

Stay tuned...I've been getting super creative in anticipation of our MONSTER family vacay to a certain resort that starts with a "D," coming up in May...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aw, Sissy

It was brought to my attention recently by a very precocious fellow blogger who shall remain nameless (she's got blue hair and a penchant for combat boots) that I haven't posted a single entry since the danged Christmas candy outfit. Ok, she's right. Convicted. What's up with me? Blogging is a little like attending church. You fall out of the habit, it's tough to get back into. Did I just get a little too honest? It's sadly true.

I'll ease myself back into the saddle with a delightful moment I experienced just moments ago, while tucking my oldest into bed. I've been pitifully ill these past few days, and being bedridden is starting to get to me. Let me preface with this: Connor is our "toaster baby;" he pops back up at least four or five times before he's fully settled in bed at night. We're used to it. So I was totally prepared to dismiss him another time when he appeared in my bedroom doorway, resembling a Precious Moments figurine in his oversized pajamas and giant, pleading eyes. "Mommy, can I read to you?" I couldn't stand it. So up Mommy got, in her grubby sleepwear she's been wearing all day, and trudged to Connor's bedside, where I plopped onto a beanbag chair and watched my little professor enchant me with not one, but TWO chapters of Frog and Toad Together. Hearing him chirp these sweet, simple stories just makes me warm inside. Chapter two was about Toad's dream that he was onstage performing many tricks, and after each one, Frog would shrink a little, until he disappeared, at which point Toad awoke, relieved and overjoyed to find his friend by his bedside. I asked Connor if he had a special friend like that, and he said "Mia." I was not expecting that! "If I had that dream, I'd be so glad to see her standing there when I woke up too." Wow. I think she'd say the same. They really are dear friends. I watched them play today, chasing each other up and down the hall...I watched as Connor carefully helped his sister into her Cinderella costume, and then shared his blocks with her. I hope they're always this kindred.

Now I guess I better do something about that "Happy New Year" wallpaper on my blogsite, huh.