Monday, January 31, 2011

"Do I get to pack my lunch?"

Big changes ahead for Connor...

Steve and I will be meeting this week with representatives from Hixson Elementary School to discuss placing him in Kindergarten within the next few weeks! We will be working to design an individual education plan for him, allowing him to socialize with his age peers and simultaneously work at an academic level that challenges him! He will stand to complete Kindergarten with the rest of his class, but be given the opportunity to do much higher level work at his pace. This is an answer to prayer!

What a far cry from five months ago are we! I am so proud of my little boy. Admittedly, I'm also a little nostalgic, since suddenly (albeit unconventionally) I find us standing at the front doors of a new chapter in childhood. I thought I had a little more time to cuddle him at home, a few months at best, but I am absolutely certain that this is best for him. He has been ready for a while now. Mommy has to let go. If Connor can handle this, so can I! Mia will also have to adjust to less playtime with her best friend. It's going to rock her little world, but in a good way. Next year, she'll be in pre-k. I know she can expect the same wonderful learning environment at HPC Preschool that has nurtured Connor to this point.

Pray for us all as we turn this page! It's exciting!

More information to come!