Thursday, April 29, 2010

Permission to board the Mother Ship?

Did I mention we leave for Disney World in just THREE DAYS?????

Technically, two and a half. Not that I'm counting.

I've been going absolutely OBSESSIVE making goodies for the kids, and some may call me a nutjob, but honestly, how often are they this age at Disney? It's likely the next time we scrape up the funds to re-create this experience, they'll be taller, more jaded, and a lot harder to wrestle into outfits of my totally went bananas for this trip. Just ask my husband. Actually, don't. Please.

All of these items were designed and created by yours truly, with the exception of the adorable pillowcase dress (Mia's) and birthday tee (Connor's), both of which were Etsy purchases. Am I crazy? Prolly.

Without further ado, I present to Disney crafting madness: