Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kick me in the pants


I am not worthy to call myself a blogger. What has happened to my drive to write drivel? By now my readers must be starved for a bit of my wit and wisdom. How torturous. I can only imagine.

Ok, really.

Let's start simply. My babies are growing up. I don't like it. Case in point:



I will never again photo both my dumplings on this wall. It's their last year at preschool together. Kindergarten next fall or bust. I mean that. Yipes.

I submit Item Two for your consideration:



The nerve of my baby. For the first time since beginning our parenting journey in May 2005, there are no cribs in use at the Medlin house. Mia's now lies in forlorn pieces, ready to be stored in the garage. Connor's now belongs to this guy:

Who is that guy? He's Teagan, the new Medlin grandbaby. Shame on him for being so cuddly and warm and small and adorable. But don't try and pull anything over on him. He may be the new guy, but he wasn't born yesterday. He was born the day before that.

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Victoria said...

I loved your blog! You are such a creative writer. Hope you are printing all these blogs out and storing them somewhere for posterity. Your children will want to read these and so will their children. Not to mention yourself....

Love you - Momv