Monday, September 27, 2010

Connor's journal entries

I've had multiple family requests for Connor's "blog" (his illustrated journal) to be posted here. So here you go, two fresh entries! The latter, on volcanoes, was composed just today.

We learned about two kinds of lava, one called "Pahoehoe" and another called "aa." Connor cracked up. He's been saying "aa" all day. He was fairly amused that the Romans had separate gods for everything. I think he found the concept rather excessive. I happened to have a miniature statue of Vulcan from the Birmingham attraction. Connor laughed at his bare butt. Apparently, volcanoes and Roman gods are hilarious. They really are.

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Carly said...

SO: I am teaching a process drama class about volcanoes that includes a certain Evil Dr. Vesuvius that we have to catch, so we have to go around the universe to lots of different volcanoes, and we are all junior volcanologists, and run-on sentence yay.


I went to the library and got lots of children's nonfiction books about volcanoes.

I must admit that pahoehoe made me CRACK UP about a week ago when I first saw it.

Connor, you got a pal in me.

- Carly (Crawford)